Uwe Ricken

10 Rules A Database Developer Must Know

Trainer(s): Uwe Ricken
Provider: DPS 2021 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 6 Hours 43 Mins
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Abstract: Are you already an experienced programmer and know your way around the Microsoft SQL Server development language? Still, there are always problems with query runtimes that you cannot explain to yourself. Data is not written to database tables fast enough and you are looking for ways to optimize ETL processes?

These are all things that pose new challenges for a database developer daily. This workshop for database developers closes many of these gaps and uses practical examples to explain, analyze and solve the problems.


    1. Parameter sniffing
    2. Non SARGable queries
    3. Sort spills
    4. Implicit conversion
    6. Temporary tables vs. Table variables
    7. Recursive CTEs
    8. partitioning
    9. scalar functions

This workshop is suitable for database developers who are already beyond the basics and want to sharpen the nuances. Ideally, you already have experience with execution plans and are very familiar with the SQL Server Management Studio.

This workshop is most hands on with prepared labs for the participants. All demos and hands on will be handled wit a BIG database (17 GB) and not with only a few records.

Note: This recorded class is available in the format of a video course. Content is presented in modular videos. Learn more.