Ben Miller

PowerShell For the DBA – Let’s Do It!

Trainer(s): Ben Miller
Provider: DPS 2021 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 7 Hours 34 Mins
Subtitles: Yes
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Abstract: There are so many servers and so little time today. PowerShell for a DBA is a must in my book to enable you to get more done in less time and with much less clicking. Setup, configuration and management are at the heart of a DBAs work. PowerShell knowledge and know how are more important than ever. This class will give you the tools to get more done as well as enable you to advance in your work with techniques and keep you moving forward past the seemingly hard things of every day DBA work. I will show you how to get your environment set up and take you through remoting, parallel execution of tasks and all about the PowerShell modules that are out there to make your life great. Join me in the quest to become a PowerShell DBA.


  • 1. Environment setup
  • 2. PowerShell Module eco-system
  • 3. DbaTools module
  • 4. SqlServer module/05-ImportExcel module
  • 6. SMO Primer
  • 7. DBA work with PowerShell
  • 8. Next Steps to maximize efficiency

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