Raj Pochiraju & Team

Deep Dive SQL Server Migration To Azure SQL

Trainer(s): Raj Pochiraju & Mukesh Kumar
Provider: DPS 2020 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 6 Hours 43 Mins
Subtitles: No
Regular Price: USD 218
Offer Price: USD 54.5 (75% OFF)
Discount Code: HAPPY75
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Subscription Period: Lifetime Access

Abstract: In this class, you learn the phases in Azure SQL Migrations, the migration driving factors, migration strategies and challenges. We go very deep into various Microsoft Migration tools and services, take you through the migration journey, discovery, assessment, and migration phases.

Not only you get a very deep dive into Microsoft tools, but also get exposure to various custom IP or tools that Microsoft engineering team developed to unblock very large and complex migrations. Throughout the class you get to listen to our enterprise customer migration stories, their problem statements, desired Azure state, speciific migration strategies adopted and post migration experience.


  1. Migration drivers
  2. Migration fear factors or challenges
  3. Migration phases
  4. Migration strategies
  5. Microsoft Migration tools in actio
  6. Microsoft custom migration utilities
  7. Minimum 3 Customer success stores

Note: This recorded class is available in the format of a video course. Content is presented in modular videos. Learn more.