Anupama Natarajan

Machine Learning for Developers

Trainer(s): Anupama Natarajan
Provider: DPS 2020 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 6 Hours 27 Mins
Subtitles: No
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Abstract: If you are a developer and new to Machine Learning and would like to learn ML from Fundamentals to Advanced, then this session is for you. This course will start with an introduction to Machine Learning and walk you through the Machine Learning process. You will get to learn the different types of ML Algorithms and how to use the right algorithm for the right problem with some real-world scenario examples. Then we will delve into the creating Machine Learning models using Azure Machine Learning Service and finally we will wrap up the session with some ML best practices you must consider.


    1. Introduction to Machine Learning

      • What is Machine Learning?
      • Machine Learning Challenges
      • Benefits of Machine Learning
      • How to determine Machine Learning Use Cases in your organisation?

    2. Machine Learning Fundamentals

      • Machine Learning Process
      • Machine Learning Algorithms and Patterns
      • Machine Learning Life Cycle
      • How to choose the right algorithm for the right problem?

    3. Advanced Machine Learning

      • Introduction to Azure ML Studio
      • Machine Learning Models using Python Notebooks
      • Create ML models using drag-and-drop tool
      • ML models using Automated Machine Learning
      • Machine Learning models using VS Code
      • Introduction to ML.NET

    4. Machine Learning Best Practices

      • Models Optimization
      • Enterprise Security and Governance
      • Responsible ML (Privacy, Fairness and Confidentiality)
      • MLOps and Monitoring

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