Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

It’s Time To Learn DAX

Trainer(s): Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
Provider: DPS 2021 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 6 Hours 38 Mins
Subtitles: Yes
Regular Price: USD 258
Offer Price: USD 64.5 (75% OFF)
Discount Code: HAPPY75
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Subscription Period: Lifetime Access

Abstract: If you want to show more than simply the data provided by the data source and implement calculations in Power BI or Analysis Services Tabular you have to learn to write Data Analysis Expression (DAX). This workshop starts at entry-level and jump-starts you into the world of even complex calculations within 8h. In the first module, Markus will introduce the basic syntax, functions, and concepts (which are best of bread, taken from Excel, SQL, and MDX). Then you will learn that you can exchange complexity in the data model with complexity in DAX (and the other way around) in real-world examples. Beginners usually struggle to fully understand the differences between calculated columns and measures. That’s why we will dedicate two modules to them. In the last module, Markus will pick your brain with complex challenges and advanced techniques, which you can then take as a template to apply to your own use cases.

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