Ben Weissman

SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters In A Day

Trainer(s): Ben Weissman
Provider: DPS 2020 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 5 Hours 20 Mins
Subtitles: No
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Offer Price: USD 24.5 (75% OFF)
Discount Code: HAPPY75
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Subscription Period: Lifetime Access

Abstract: With SQL Server 2019, Microsoft introduced a game changer for Big Data and Analytics Workloads: Big Data Clusters

This feature set combines solutions for Data Virtualization, Data Mart Scale Out using traditional SQL Server tables, non relational and file based data as well as Machine Learning and AI.

In this session we are going to explore the capabilities of the exciting new feature. Ben Weissman will walk you through the different aspects and use cases of Big Data Clusters, demo them and eventually show you how to deploy and push data to your own Big Data Cluster so you can start using them right away!


  1. What’s a BDC
  2. What do I need to build a BDC
  3. How do I deploy a BDC
  4. How do I work with a BDC
  5. How do I manage a BDC

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