Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Analytics – From Data Ingestion to Visualization

Trainer(s): Wolfgang Strasser
Provider: DPS 2021 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 7 Hours 06 Mins
Subtitles: Yes
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Abstract: The world of data is getting more and more distributed. On-premises sources, cloud services and IoT data needs to be merged, integrated and brought under a single umbrella for a comprehensive analysis.

With Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft adds a player into the cloud analytics field to address and deal with diverse sources, varying structures of data and diverging analytic needs.

Join this workshop to learn why Azure Synapse Analytics is needed to address current analytic needs. Get to know the different technologies that sum up into Azure Synapse. Learn best practices what to consider to execute successful Synapse projects. Create your own Synapse environment. Solve big data data tasks as well as traditional data warehousing question, and at the end of day have a feeling how Azure Synapse can help you in your future data platform/analytics projects.


  • 1. Why is a new analytics player needed?
  • 2. Data driven projects – Big data versus Data Warehousing
  • 3. What is Azure Synapse Analytics?
  • 4. Data Ingestion
  • 5. Big Data Analytics
  • 6. Solving Data Warehousing tasks
  • 7. Management / Monitoring
  • 8. Visualization / Data Models

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