Warner Chaves

Practical Data Engineering with Azure Synapse Analytics

Trainer(s): Warner Chaves
Provider: DPS 2020 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 8 Hours 28 Mins
Subtitles: No
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Abstract: What started as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, has now evolved into an all-encompassing analytics development service. Microsoft took the power of the MPP database engine of SQL DW and added more powerful capabilities, full big data integration through Spark, an integrated authoring experience and more.

Whether you are an administrator or a developer, Synapse now provides tools that any data professional can use to engineer their own data solution. To enable all these new capabilities, Microsoft has introduced new concepts like SQL and Big Data pools, Azure Data Lake Gen 2 integrated catalogs and more. All these new features and concepts can be easily understood and adopted by current data professionals to bring their careers into the warehousing and analytics space.

In this demo-heavy class we will go over the main concepts behind Synapse, go through all the major features and the new workspace experience.The class will leverage all the in-field experience of the trainer from best practices to lessons learned and pitfalls on how to build your data platform with Synapse Analytics.


  1. Synapse Fundamentals
  2. Synapse Workspace
  3. SQL Engines
  4. Spark Engine
  5. Import and Export Data
  6. Building Data Flows
  7. Visualizing Data
  8. Workspace Security and Monitoring

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