Erik Darling

The Beginner’s Guide To Advanced Performance Tuning

Trainer(s): Erik Darling
Provider: DPS 2020 (Data Platform Summit)
Duration: 6 Hours 06 Mins
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Abstract: You’re new to SQL Server, and your job more and more is to fix performance problems, but you don’t know where to start.

You’ve been looking at queries, and query plans, and puzzling over indexes for a year or two, but it’s still not making a lot of sense.

Beyond that, you’re not even sure how to measure if your changes are working or even the right thing to do.
In this full day performance tuning extravaganza, you’ll learn about all the most common anti-patterns in T-SQL querying and indexing, and how to spot them using execution plans. You’ll also leave knowing why they cause the problems that they do, and how you can solve them quickly and painlessly.

If you want to gain the knowledge and confidence to tune queries so they’ll never be slow again, this is the training you need.


    1. How to read query plans to spot problems
    2. Query writing anti-patterns
    3. What makes a good index
    4. How parameterization works
    5. How to make sure your queries are reliably fast

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