LiveMeeting basics

A PC/Laptop
A microphone & a pair of headphones (or) speakers
Microsoft Live Meeting client -> Free Download

1. Make sure Microsoft Live Meeting is installed on your computer/laptop. (Download Now)
2. Make sure the microphone & speakers/headset are working.
3. Make sure your Internet connection is working.
4. Start Live Meeting client (Click on Start -> Program -> Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 -> Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007)
5. Copy and paste the Meeting ID, Entry Code & Location
6. Click on Join
7. Enter your name, Email ID & Company Name
8. Click on Continue
9. You have now joined the live meeting session !
Fundamentals :
Please keep your Microphone muted when you are not speaking
One person speaks at a time. Let the other person finish before you ask your question
Live Meeting client is a simple tool, yet to learn the basics of Live Meeting client user interface, click here.