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SharePoint 2013 Courses outlines from Microsoft & Peoplewareindia Team

Where are the course outlines ?

A warm welcome from SharePoint team at Peopleware India!

We have spent countless hours in drafting niche outlines on SharePoint 2013 that are being delivered to 100+ clients globally for the last 10 years. As a company policy, we do not publish our outlines publicly. However, all course outlines are available on request to our clients. Just drop an email to enquiry<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com.

The outlines have been successfully delivered innumerable times for large IT & non-IT companies. These courses/workshops are delivered as part of our corporate training assignments. These courses can be customized as per client's requirements. We also develop new course outlines as per customer's requirement or project needs.

Apart from our exclusive outlines, we provide training on a range of MOCs (Microsoft Official Curriculum). The tables below have an exhaustive list of our outlines and Microsoft Official Curriculums. MOC outlines can be viewed by clicking on “View Online”. For all other courses, feel free to drop us an email on enquiry<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com and we shall revert back to you promptly.


SharePoint 2013 Courses/Workshops - Outlines designed by Peopleware India
Code Course/Workshop Title Duration Details

 PI 930


4 - 5 days Request Outline

PI 931


5 days Request Outline

PI 932


4 days Request Outline

PI 933


3 days Request Outline

PI 934

SHAREPOINT 2013 (Full)

7 days Request Outline

PI 935

SharePoint 2013 Ignite for IT Pro

4 days Request Outline
Note: The above courses can be customized or combined. Clients can pick and choose topics from different courses. We also develop customized outlines for our clients based on requirements.